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Salvio Apartasuites Privacy policy and data processing

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Privacy policy and data processing

Salvio Apartasuites

THE LEMCO BUSINESS GROUP its subsidiaries and subordinates (Lemco SAS, Challenger SAS, Challenger Foundation, Sky GRUPO (Sky Industrial, Sky Logística Integral, Sky Forwarder, Sky Electronics Zona Franca), Habitel SAS (Habitel Hotels), its commercial brand SALVIO and Challenger Foundation) , domiciled in Bogotá, Capital District at Diagonal 25 G No. 94-55, in compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 for the Protection of Personal Data, its regulatory decree 1377 of 2013, and Law 1266 of 2008 of Habeas Data, as well as the other norms that complement, modify or replace it, as established by the National Constitution, seeks to protect the right that all people have to know, update, rectify, and delete, the private information that is subject to the reservation and that is stored on them in databases or files, assuming
an ethical and responsible behavior, with social commitment, which allows the use and treatment of personal information for the purposes for which it was received, generating a culture of protection of the rights, of the holders in the development of each one of the activities of the company; Is Thus, that it is hereby imparting its guidelines for the implementation of the Comprehensive Personal Data Management Program, which establishes policies for the use, administration, transmission and other activities that involve personal data.

Likewise, it will establish the mechanisms and channels to duly inform the owner of the purpose of the collection and the rights that assist him by virtue of the authorization granted, establish the guidelines against those in charge of the information and report to the information operators.

Privacy policy and data processing

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